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E33: The Art of Connectivity: Suhair Khan from Google Arts & Culture

May 03, 2018

Earlier this year, Google’s Art & Culture app went viral for their selfie-matching tool which allowed users to discover their likeness in paintings across art institutions from around the world. In this episode, we chat with Suhair Kahn, project manager at Google Arts & Culture, where a team of creative engineers and cultural enthusiasts are making it their mission to connect everyone, everywhere with cultural content. Suhair shares why Google is invested in arts and culture, what the thinking was behind their selfie-project, how the Arts & Culture team uses tech to create engaging content, and gives insight into future projects they’re currently working on and excited about.

-About Suhair Khan-

Suhair Khan is a culturally diverse globetrotter having grown up between Milan, London and South Asia. She is the lead on Google Arts & Culture projects and collaborations in multiple countries, including the UK, Australia, Indonesia, and Korea. Suhair works primarily out of Google’s London Office.

Tweet her @SuhairK

Follow her @SuhairK

-About Google Arts & Culture-

Google Arts & Culture is a sector of Google’s Cultural Institute, initiatives that emerged from Google’s 20% project in which Googlers dedicate 20% of their time to programs that aren’t core to their role. The key goal of the Cultural Institute is to make the world’s important art and cultural materials accessible to everyone, everywhere by preserving it for the future, online.

Twitter @googlearts

Insta @googleartsculture



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